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What is the purpose of man's life?

  • Man was born without his knowledge.
  • Why does man who is called the lord of creature
    commit sins and live in pain through his whole life
    for all that even humble beasts live without pain?
  • Finally, where shall man go when he is dead?
  • What is the world after death detailedly? etc.

If someone wants to know about the above questions
with thirst, we will explain them based the following points:

  • The basic purpose for the creation of man
  • The elements of man's creation
  • Functions of soul, spirit and flesh
  • Existence of the Divine and evil spirit
  • The relation between man's soul and spirit and spirit of evil and the Spirit of Divine
  • Man's free will and the formation of soul and spirit
  • Accumulation of the factor of sin based on man's covetousness
  • The Redemption for man's sin by the Creator
  • Extinction of man's factor of sin and the new creation of soul and spirit
  • Liberation from sin and sufferings
  • The world after death seen through the functions of man's soul and spirit